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We Do Light

Copenhagen Lighting studio

We are a group of lighting designers working together on a big variety of light projects.
Our projects range from indoor and outdoor architectural lighting to lighting installations for festivals and events. With every project we do; collaboration & light are the two most important words, and we are passionate about both.

Our goal is to understand what the customer needs are and transform them into great lighting solutions.
The best result will be achieved when the lighting design is taken into consideration from the beginning of a project. Because you first must find out what should be done before you can answer how it should be done.

For us, lighting design should be an integrated part of the building, enhancing the qualities of the building and surroundings. Great lighting solutions should balance functionality with energy efficiency and aesthetics, and increase people’s wellbeing.
Our aim is to provide functional, flexible and inspirational layers of light, and therefore add value to the architecture while creating human-centered designs and memorable experiences.

Copenhagen  |  Denmark